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Richard Bowen lays the opinionated smack down for your listening pleasure. TBL takes an irreverent look at decision making, personal finance, and efficient living.

10/20/07 - Personal Pics from Lodi Chili Festival
I just put these pics up so that people in the family could see them. I hope you like.

9/24/07 - Highland High School Class of 1997 10 year reunion
Hey if you want to see all the pics, and my rediculous commentary for the reunion, then just click here. The photo's are real high quality so it will take a while for them to load, but if you want to download them, then you should have some great high quality shots.

9/9/07 - It is not over yet
Sorry for not notifying you BottomLiners, but I have been super busy and just have not had time to develop great topics for the show. The Bottom Line is not dead, just on a short break. There should be a new amazing show in the next two weeks. If you have any topics you would like addressed, stories told, or gripes reported then drop me an email.

8/8/07 - New TBL Store
If you want some TBL merchandise then go check out our Café Press shop http://www.cafepress.com/tblpodcast Check it out… tell me what you think… if you have ideas for logos or items that you would like included, then let me know and I will update the products list. Sorry about the cost, there is not much I can do there.

8/6/07 - Tell me about your dreams
The show coming up this Sunday is going to be about perusing your dreams. My question to you that I would like you to email me or VM me about is this… What is your life goal or dream, and what would you be willing to risk to try it?

Example: Some people would like to be a great dancer and win a competition, but what would they be willing to risk to get that. If they were allowed to train with one of the top instructors in the world, but would have to leave their job and move to France, would they do it? Should they do it?

I want to hear your ideas because this is a very interesting topic. I have some big opinions about it, but would like some input from my loving listeners. email me show@tblpodcast.com or use the voicemail line at 206-984-0792.

8/5/07 - Time to Gamble
So after a two week hiatus I am back. Podcasting feels strange after the break but I am happy to be back. We are going to talk about gifts and taxes, I will tell you what I have been doing for the last couple of weeks, and we will have cursory discussion of gambling and how it fits into normal life.

7/15/07 - Amber's Show
You like that picture nigs? That is the old Richamaroo wearing his shirt tucked in with a belt. That is right.... WITH A BELT! You will get it after you listen to the show. On Amber's amazing show we have an SNL sketch, discussion on why people lie, the Roobot gets hurt, some great music, and I embarrass myself for love. You are gonna love it.

7/08/07 - Tax or Butt Rape
Only one week till Amber's special show and it is going to be a doozy... get ready.  I respond to a long voicemail on this show giving you some very special information about the IRS's auditing practices, how to setup a small business, and how to tell the difference between a business and a hobby. Thank you to whoever did the VM but I did not get your name.

7/01/07 - A Little R&R
Well, the countdown to my secret shame is officially over, and Amber is the winner. If you want to know what it was, then you can listen to the show... I gave you guys so many hints too! I am looking forward to finding out what Amber wants her dedication show to be about... maybe she will make me sing you all a song. On this show we discuss how to use Risk & Reward Analysis to make better decisions. I also bag on the idea of Real Estate Agents using some interesting information from the book 'Freakanomics'.

BTW! It is a new month so go vote for us on Podcast Alley chumps!

6/27/07 - 'Daily Rant' Voting & VoiceMails
I was laid up sick at home so I decided to kick a little something out for you. I say mean stuff about my listeners because I am abusive to the ones I love, and I play some email, and some of my favorite music.

6/24/07 - The Circle of Money
This show got dangerously close to 1 hour... that is what happens when I do not do a rant... I will try to get on that this week. On this show I expand the idea of efficient living and how you put it into practice. I also discuss the circle of money. If you want to see my flow chart on this then you can click here and view it on the notes page. I play a bum interview with Thomas, a youngin' with some super big problems.

If you like audiobooks go check out podiobooks.com, or type that into the search bar in iTunes. All of these very dedicated writers put there content up on the web for free. Now that is dedication.
National Debt to GDP Ratio thermometer
. This is pretty interesting if you want to check it out.

6/17/07 - Holy Accounting
Does Richard have the big brass ones to take on the church? Does he have the strength of character to not fear the repercussions? Or does he just not give a poo? It is probably the last one. Either way on this show I put out some long overdue rants, clarify the definition of efficient living, and give a damn good analysis of how churches use and misuse their money.

6/12/07 - NEW PLUGS
This week we got plugged by Twisted Pickle show #102, and Distorted View on the 5/30/07 show. It only took him 90 years to actually put the website up on his show. Thanks a lot to Corby and Tim, the web stats are in and the day they released their show we got a bunch of hits from their sites. I would like to return the favor for any of my listeners that are not listeners of theirs. Go check them out... you know you want to. And if you don't want to... do it anyway or I will send the IRS to your house.

6/9/07 - Ep18 - Richard Vs. Oprah
I lied about not putting a show out this week... suckers! On this weeks show I talk about an Oprah show that really got my bustle in a tussle. A bum interview with Mr. Austin Luther, and a Voicemail from the Roobot, cause he is too freakin' lazy to actually do a segment....

I want to start and emailing campaign. The Roobot is get tired of the show or the negative feedback that he has gotten so I want all of you to bomb his emal like crazy. We want you back Roo! Roobot@TBLPodcast.com

6/3/07 - Ep17 - Super Sexy TBL
Finally remembered why I was going to be so busy this weekend, apparently it is me and The Bear's anniversary. It was a good save. Luckily we had already bought all of the gifts. On this show we talk about useless outdated ceremonies (graduations), amortization/total cost of financed items, LOVE, and the subjectivity of value.

Just a note: I finally got my new video camera and am willing to do a video cast, but I need some help from you foompies. I will do a videocast if and only if one of these two things happens... If I get 25 votes at podcast alley this month, or if I get 10 new listeners. I have been observing the downloads and will keep you updated on both fronts. I have some great ideas for the video I hope you guys do not miss out. Get on voting and recruiting new foompies for the show.

Roobot's Graduation

In the center pic note the fat whore teacher stealing RooBot's thunder as she chugs down on her juice box.

6/2/07 - Voicemail Line & New Directory
For any of you super cool people who want to get some air time I have set up a voicemail line through k7.net (thank you). Call us at
206-984-0792. Also I got an email from a new listing service that picked up TBL without any promoting... Podlounge.com, there is a link on the sidebar to our specific page, but you can check them out if you like.

5/31/07 - Ep16 - Domicile Day
Not sure if I will be able to do a Sunday show, because the Roobot is real busy with graduating and all and it is my anniversary. Still have not gotten any responses regarding the cutest pet in the world. You are all a bunch of losers with ugly pets. On this show we talk about Domicile Day, a new TBL exclusive holiday, and what it means. We also talk about how cutting sleep out of your day will increase you life span. Lastly, I review a relatively new email scam.

5/29/07 - If you are having any problems with the RSS Fees
I was just checking to see if anyone is having problems with the feed website. Please report them to me if you are so I can help…. If you are using iTunes, then I recommend that you completely delete the feed and recreate it. In iTunes go to podcasts, find ‘The Bottom Line Podcast’, right-click on it and select delete. Then select move to recycle bin.

 Now that you have deleted the podcast it is time to re-add it. Advanced/ subscribe to a podcast. In the box that pops up put in the following


 Hit okay. It will automatically start downloading the most recent episode. If you want to download the old episodes to have on file you can only download 3 at a time. If you start to download and then get a grey exclamation point to the left of episode, then there may be a problem. Good Luck!

5/28/07 - Domain problems are fixed
Alrighty, after a horrible 48hr session of html coding, haggling with HostGator and having my wife give me dirty looks for being in front of the computer for too long instead of watching a 24 Marathon we finally have a new webserver. All of the content has been transferred and I can rest easy. I still have to do some updating to the rssfeed, so you may have some problems downloading through iTunes for the next couple of days. Please report any problems that you encounter via my new shiny email for the show show@tblpodcast.com. Also, if you want an official tblpodcast.com email address, just email me and I will set you one up. Don't forget to state in the email what you want your address to be. I will only be offering this for a limited time. 

5/27/07 - Ep15 - Words Are Just Words, And Apologies Are Free
Well this show has a little bit of everything. I read an email from a Frank about a burning desire to hear more financial information. Sound clips from the cancelled show 'Action', and the 'The Whitest Kids You Know'. The RooBot talks about the news and rants about incredibly stupid people just giving out their personal information on random websites. I talk about hot button words, Business loans, and how movie producers think we are all a bunch dim, deep pocketed, consumers. Also, a tribute to Tim Hensen of Distorted View (it is not for everyone). Lastly, a pet showdown... you probably don't have what it takes to match up against my little friend, but if you think you do... take a shot!

If you are interested in writing at all check out IShouldBeWriting.com. This is a great podcast that I found out about through the Buffy Between the Line audio drama.
is a friend of TBL, go check them out. It is pretty cool.


5/27/07 - Does your fury friend match up?
Email in pictures of your pets to see if they can match up with the most beautiful dog of all time. BottomLiners, may I present to you 'Precious' the greatest best friend a human can have.

5/24/07 - New Promo
I created a new promo cause the last one was way too long and I rambled a lot in it. I like the new one. You will have to download it manually. If you have a website and want to link to it that would be great too.

5/23/07 - Ep14 'Daily Rant' - Opportunity Forgone
A conversation with my wife lead me to do a show about the opportunities forgone. I have created a spreadsheet that you can mess with. Click here for the page with download and an example of how to use it. Opportunity cost is the calculated cost of the opportunity forgone to do something else. Sometimes you do not realize how much those diners at PF Chang's really cost in the long run.

5/21/07 - My 43 Things
My43Things.com is a really interesting site that I found through the RooBot's blog. It is essentially a list of things you want to do before you die. My list is not very long yet, but it is definitely interesting. You might want to create one for yourself and then send me the link. I would like to see what you all aspire to.
Richard's 43 Things

5/20/07 - Ep13 - Workin' 9 to 5
Why won't you bastards vote for me on PodcastAlley? Did I do something to hurt your feelings? I will make it up to you baby. Just tell me what the problem is, we can get through this thing baby. On this show we talk about the societal vision of the work day, being in crisis mode overdrive, and we have sound clips from Joe Rogan, and The Rest of the World with the RooBot. Below is the matrix I talk about in the show regarding being in crisis mode.

Urgency vs. Importance Matrix (matrix is a fancy word for grid)

Very Urgent

Not Urgent

Very Important



Not Important




5/18/07 - Frappr Map
A lot of people use these, and I figured it would be fun to see where all the Bottom Liners were. Click the link here or use the one on the sidebar.

5/16/07 - Reviving the Blogs
I started blogging in the middle of 2006 and kind of let it die when I was gearing up for tax season. I am breathing life back into the blogs.

Bakersfield Poker
I have one for Bakersfield Poker, which is just a journal about my thoughts and ideas about poker and follows our small poker crew.

Richard's Stories
I also just recently started a blog that is just some stories from my life. I have a lot of great stories that I wanted to share. You can click the blog link on the sidebar and check out the different blogs that I have. Tell me what you think. If you like them then you should subscribe to them. That will give you a way to be notified when the blog is updated.

5/15/07 - Ep12 'Daily Rant' - Utilities are Futility
Everyone has experience dealing with a senile, decrepit, aged useless individual that is baffled by those infernal machines and the magical leprechauns that live inside of them. Well, I tell you a story about a situation like this. I also, talk about a problem I had with a local utility. The music at the end of the show is by a local artist called Lady Kris... check out her website if you like her stuff. Give me some feedback, and let me know if you like my new complaint style show.

Notice: The Rss feed will be changing in the next week. I really need to get an accurate idea of how often the Podcast is being downloaded. I am getting ready to change servers and need to know how much bandwidth I will need. So get ready to make a change.... it will not be hard to do but may be annoying and I apologize for that.

5/13/07 - Ep11 - The Scientist & Performer
Put on your lab coat, reading glasses, and taps shoes? I respond to a couple emails, and present some new segment ideas that require some feedback from the audience. "The Rest of the World with the Roobot" makes it's first appearance on the show. The topic of the day is studying yourself and the people around you to gather data to use in your evil master plan. 

5/11/07 - Ep10 'Daily Rant' - Living by the Percentages
Recorded part of the show on the road with my lovely wife critiquing me the whole time. Have you ever wondered how to split up school work, work work, or balance the different aspects of a personal relationship. I address giving focus to different areas in your life according to percentage of importance and scrutiny.... sound boring? Well shut up and listen anyway.

5/8/07 - F@^%ing RSS Feed Problems
Just want you all to know that if you had problems downloading EP09 through iTunes I have fixed it. I still do not know what it was, but I fixed it. You can see that podcastblaster under the podcasting section on the sidebar has been removed, because I can no longer recommend their service. It has only been working sporadically for the last two weeks. Anywho, thank you for your patience, and if you have been patient, then shut the hell up.

5/6/07 - Don't do grass... In your front yard
I got a full show for you today. We have an email from Hans, one from RooBot with some fairly harsh commentary on one of the most recent shows, a bum interview with Mr. Tyron Taylor, and some talk about the usefulness of grass. You are very lucky to get to be some of the first people to here Mr. Taylor sing on this podcast. It is a tasty treat for your ears.... LOL!

5/3/07 - New RSS Feed
I know everyone subscribes to the RSS feed in their own way, but I have updated the feed so that it goes through FeedBurner.com this will allow me to track how many actual subscribers I have. I am actually really curious about what programs, or aggregators, people use to subscribe to RSS feeds. I have really only been listening to podcasts since iTunes started offering them. If you want to recreate your feed please use http://feeds.feedburner.com/thebottomlinepodcast You can just click the RSS Feed link on the sidebar to the left, then click whatever downloader you use, and it will do the update for you. Most aggregators, or podcasts downloaders should pick up the difference on their own in the next couple of days. But if you are podcast savvy please adjust your feed so that I can get some updated reporting. I will be sure to let you all know what the reports show at the end of the month.

BTW... How do you folks feel about me doing written blogs on off days? Do most of you read blogs, or just listen to podcasts. Podcasting is really just a derivative of blogging, so I figure that most people that listen to podcasts also read blogs. You tell me! Email me and let me know if a blog would be something you are interested in reading. 

5/2/07 - Plug the show
Hey, I created flyers for anyone that wants to give them out to their friends. It is an excel spreadsheet with four flyers per page. When you print you will need to trim a little around the edges, but I printed them and they looked just fine. You can print in black and white or in color, they look great both ways. Download Flyers to download right click on the link and select 'Save Target As'. PEACE!

5/1/07 - What the hell is a tie for?
Sorry I missed a couple of days there folks. The Daily rant is back, there was no.... BIG SHOW for the week because a couple of topics and segments fell through, but there should be one next week. Also, the daily things was much harder than I originally thought. Thanks for all of the emails and comments... you monkeys know who you are. Today's show has a new product from VTS on it and lots of commentary about personal appearance.

4/30/07 - iTunes Review
Hey, left a comment for us on iTunes... I could not find the iTunes page for this so i just copied it here... it is by, Dr. Pop & Mr. Fresh - "The Bottom Line: Truly an interesting look into bettering your situation through humor and education. By listening to this program, you will be more aware of looking at your situation and making it better. Richard Bowen is the man! Keep on trucking!"

4/28/07 - The First Bum Interview
Sorry for the delay the web server was down yesterday. I promised it for a long time, and I have actually recorded several bum interviews, but did not really think they were as good as I wanted, but here it is... Ronald B. Sorgenfreed, is a bum very candid. All it cost was an iced Starbuck's and a couple dollars that he promised not to spend on drugs..... Whatever!

4/27/07 - That Sir is a Lie! (fallacies)
I read an email from Kris, and we talk about the use and misuse of logic in your life through fallacies. HEY! Go to podcastalley.com and vote, and do it now skanks! Here is the fallacy and logic site I used to get the information for the show.
Also check out the Dave Ramsey Show through iTunes, or here from his website.

4/26/07 - Manipulation
Well this was my very first attempt at a 'Daily Rant' it is about 12 mins, and will auto download to iTunes just like all the other shows. I clarify some stuff from yesterdays show and expand on it. It has all the normal ranting and raving about stupid people, I play an infomercial from Bruce A. Berman.... Freakin' hilarious! It is rough cause I had to use a different mic and did not do a lot of editing, but I think you will enjoy. Download below. BTW... I apologize for the sound quality. I am still perfecting the process.

4/25/07 - Know Thy Self
The new show is up... Knowing your personality is crucial in life... Knowing other peoples personalities and how to manipulate them is wayyyyyyyyyy better! The show has a sketch from Secretpants, check them out on the side bar, an email from Hans about pop-up problems, and an interview with some old school Real estate agents (Joyce & Sal). This episode was very long, but I have decided to start doing a shorter daily show. So get ready, starting Thursday for at least one week you are gonna get The Bottom Line:
Daily Rant. You can download the show below. Also, here are the websites that I mentioned in the show, they will also probably get added to the sidebar because they are tight.
Disc Profiles
, and the Myer Briggs/Jung Typology Test.

Please don't forget to vote for the show at PodcastAlley.com. There is a link on the sidebar.

4/22/07 - We Got Plugged Baby!
Recently we were sorta reviewed on the Distorted View Podcast. It is a super racey and hilarious show that focuses on strange news stories. The entire show revolves around the hosts incredibly distorted view of the world, ranting about stuff he hates such as the elderly, children, and bad voicemails. I am an avid listener but have not put a link to the show on the sidebar because it is really dirty and over the top. I have since decided that I don't care. It is too funny to ignore, but if you do not like dirty stuff, foul language, and/or audio pronography... then this is not for you. That is the only warning you are getting from me. Click here to visit Tim Henson's Distorted View.
Click here to download the specific show that we were reviewed on.
Scroll to the bottom of the page after clicking the link, right click on the show link and download, or you can use iTunes, it is the show from 3/29/07.

4/16/07 - EP03 - Pimps are Businessmen too!
This weeks episode is a little late, but the good news is that tax season is over and I am going to try to give you folks a bonus show sometime this week. In this installment of The Bottom Line we have a chat with the RooBot, it is very enlightening, an email question from a teacher with money concerns, and a whole lot of inappropriate commentary. This week there is no notes page, just right click the link below and click 'save as' to download the episode, and enjoy.
Mp3 File available for download

4/15/07 - Logo Issues
Hey Folkers, wanted to give you an update... I am trying to get a show out today but it is super hard cause it is the last couple days of tax season, which is a very busy time of year for me. My hopes are that it will be up this evening though. If you are downloading through iTunes I am happy to report that the show is officially listed baby. HOORAAA! However, I am trying to update the image that we use with different podcast directories. Please look at the ones and vote. The size of the images is that actual size they will appear in the directories, that is why they are so small. This is just a sample, please click on one of the images to advance to the page with all the different options. The colors here represent the dark blue, light blue, and white options... more on the next page.


Also please vote for us at podcastalley.com... the more votes the show gets the more people will listen. Click this link to vote. It is very easy, just click the link, when you get to the site click the vote button, and put in your email. They will not send you any junk mail, just a confirmation of your vote. Thanks for the votes, and the logo feeback.

4/12/07 - The RSS Feed is up..... WOOHOOO!!!!!!!
Alright... I have never worked on something so crazy and complicated before. Thanks to the helpful service PodcastBlaster.com I have been able to setup an RSS feed. This means that you can set up any download service, like iTunes, to download any new shows automatically. Here is how you do it... Click this link and download the FREE iTunes software. Note, you do not have to put in your email address to download. After installing you can add our podcast to the list to automatically download.

On the top menu click 'Advanced' then click 'Subscribe to Podcast...' a box will pop up, copy and paste the link below into the box then hit enter. It should take you to the podcast page and show 'The Bottom Line Podcast' on the list. Click the dark triangle to the left of the podcast... a drop down will show you a list of all the shows, click the 'Get' button on the right side of each show for the ones you want. Wahla!!!! You are now subscribed to our podcast. 

4/7/07 - EP02 - Best & Worst Jobs Ever!
Ever wonder what the best and worst jobs in America were? This topic will help people define where they stand in the job market, and also where they might like to go. All kinds of new segments.... Check it out.
View the notes page
Mp3 File available for download

4/5/07 - New Domains
I have registered two domains that you can use to visit the site from now on. I have completed a lot of updates... Let me know what you think of the colors, format, content, and links.
Click here to email me.
Here are the web addresses you can use to visit us now.


4/4/07 - Questions, Comments, or Ideas for the show?
I am really interested in what people thought of our new first show, and what content you would like me to cover in future shows... If you have any ideas you would like me to make real then send me an email. I will take financial topics, skit and commercial ideas, baking tips, death threats, and news articles about financial morons.
Click here to email me.


4/2/07 - New EP01 - Give yourself and instant raise!
Lets start at the beginning... What is a barebones budget? What is the minimum cost of living? I am going to tell you how you can instantly give yourself a raise. OOOOOOOOOOO! A teaser, I am not above it. 
Visit the notes page to get the budget info I talk about on the show.

TBL - EP01new.mp3 Download


I had to take this show down, because I got too many complaints that it was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too offensive. I have been rethinking the show. Giving it more financial content and less heartless rude commentary.


3/29/07 - A Promo for your listening ears
I came up with the idea to start giving anyone who wanted to listen a piece of my mind in February of 2007. The original idea for the show was an irreverent look a personal finances. It would include segments like, prank calls to the IRS, Bum Interviews, and news articles about people financially retarded.

However, when I started doing the research for the show I decided to take it in another direction. The first couple of episodes will probably be rough and have a lot of content... For the entertainment portion you might just have to rely on my witty banter, and over emphasized opinions. Below is a link to the mp3 for the trailer. It is my very first attempt at any type of recording. Stay tuned for new episodes and updates on the status of the RSS feed.
TBL - 3/29/07 - Trailer.mp3



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