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7/20/07 Chili Festival with the fam
I went to Lodi this weekend and the RooBot came down from Berkeley to hang out with me. We had a great time. We went to a Chili festival that was a benefit for the local library. We took a few pics and I just wanted to put them up so I could link to my blog. We tasted chili for about an hour, and agreed to all vote for the same one to maximize our synergy, but alas the free spirited Sara Bear had to vote for some loser that had no chance of winning. Traitor!

Dad is tasting some real hot stuff. Andrew is just very happy to get some free food, and Sara is smiling because she is looking at my beautiful face.

Now everyone if finally ready for a pic... I like to get the first picture when no one is paying attention. Yes we get it... everyone loves to receive free tiny spoons.

Dad really wanted to be in this pic, but I wanted to give everyone an idea of how many people actually showed up to this chilitastic event.

These people are totally laid back. Look at the way they are dressed. I think more people actually showed up for the the wine tasting that for the chili.

100% Unadulterated Roo!
I thought Sara Bears liked honey, but apparently they loves chili.
Baby leashes...?
These guys are really hard core about their chili... They even had a high quality sign made.

Is a kid really that hard to control that you have to leash them? I don't think the kid had ADHD either. She seemed like a totally normal kid, whose lazy parents decided to put here on a leash instead of just loving her and paying attention to her care.

I wanted to get a picture with the whole family with moo-hat guy but it just did not happen. He was a good sport but seemed a little freaked out when Roo's hand brushed his bum.

Sara Bear moved up to the economy chili tasting cups about an hour into it. They just don't give you enough!
As soon as the chili tasting began we scoped out this sweet barrel where we lined up all the samples and rated them. One person would stay with the barrel while other went out to get other samples. These two people are barrel squatters. I shooed them off twice, but like filthy pigeons they just kept coming back. Filthy wine drinking barrel squaters.

Nice shorts dude! How did this gay guy get a baby? I think he just stole it from the stroller in the background.

There is something about a chili cook off that just makes people bust out their Texas state flags. I am actually jealous that I do not own one. Note to self... Go to store and buy Texas state flag. Also, take naked pictures of self wrapped in flag. Next, use flag to wipe my bum. Lastly, mail flag to president of Texas, who I am pretty sure is Yosemite Sam.

There sure were a lot of baby restraining devices. I am not even sure how this one works. It looks like she paid a Swami to wrap them together. This is also the cloth her husband uses for sexual role playing.

More of Moo-Hat man. He is a cheery guy.
We were not sure whether hoof-hearted meant it was not made with cows or was made with cows. I asked Moo-Hat and he said that he loves to eat cows and makes the chili with a great amount of love.

I show Roo some swing moves... the music was blaring and we just had to dance.

I tried to dip Roo and his body would not let him lean back.

Look at those manly bastards. What woman would not want to be stuck in there?

More ambience shots.

Roo and I decided to tell a bunch of people that we were taking pics for the Festival website and get them to pose. This is chick way way too into it.

One more crazy looking sucker.

I convinced this volunteer Library worker to hug a book to prove her love. She looks a little scared... You know how old people feel about cameras stealing her soul.

Another sucker poses for the 'Festival Website'

Dad gave us a ride home.

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